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City never sleeps
19 July 2008

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Chennai City on Water Formations - IV
The fabulous picture of water splash is nicely captured with finer details. Thank you for the share. Expect more like ...

Ashutosh Sharma on Water Formations - IV
Nice Click Karthik. :)

annie on Thoranam
this is gorgeous

MB on Gurgling stream
You're quite the shutterbug i say!

A on A fine sunset at Mahabalipuram
Looks so beautiful. waitin for that Rameshwaram sunset :)

A on Joys of matrimony - Limited time period :)
Gosh! U really didn't wanna get married did u? :P

A on Relationships
What a lovely picture. U need to get the blog rolling. I wanna see lots more..

Céline on Water Formations - II
Nice sharp splash !

Albert Manso on Water Formations - IV
Nice capture!

Katalog Stron on Water Formations - IV
nice image,exellent compo,bravo

Abhinandan on Water Formations - IV
Great work !!

A on Pretty in Pink
Very pretty indeed :-)

A on Rapunzel???
Love the title :P

maarhuthi on Water Formations - IV
nice capture !

Jhon on Water Formations - IV

M on Water Formations - I
just feel like diving... h2o.......................................

sawsengee on Nature's Carpet
splendid colours & textural details well captured

Céline on Water Formations - IV
Nice shot !

Vinod on In bloom
Wow amazing click... This is nothing but the photographer eye you have... Perfect contrast.. Loved it

Vinod on Nature's Carpet
Wow amazing colors and loved the sun in between..

Céline on Water Formations - III
Nice high speed shot !

vivek on Devout
Stunning.. bringing out a lot of character.

Curly on Water Formations - I
This is like a volcanic eruption without the red!

Tim on In bloom
gorgeous contrast of color. such aliveness and beauty. you have a good eye for the camera. i like the simplicity and ...

DomLortha on In bloom
Great macro; these plants are really full of beauty! Have a nice day.

MARIANA on In bloom
beautiful :)

Sriraam Kalingarayar on In bloom
beautiful....Great colours...

Sriraam Kalingarayar on Nature's Carpet
beautiful colours

Jerry on Nature's Carpet
Lovely color... nice shot and angle

DomLortha on Nature's Carpet
NIce capture; lovely colors. Have a nice day.

Vert Pomme on Nature's Carpet
Superbe ce tapis. De bien belles couleurs.

DomLortha on Red Hot
Great capture! It's hot!!! I like it! Have a nice day.

Majo on Stacked
simple, yet wonderfully done

Shahryar on Stacked
interesting :)

DomLortha on Veins
Great!!! The focus is perfect and show brilliantly the details. Have a nice day.

Krunal on Veins
lovely details, is it a peepul leaf?

Elora on Veins
Amazing detail here!!

Sriraam Kalingarayar on Veins
great focus.... beautiful colour too

Ismerie on Parked!
La vie est belle ! ;o))

K.B.R on Launched
fantastic, the tree have a same form as a man !!!!

JJ on Launched
Cool timing to capture this position mid dive

Majo on Launched
in the air ! nice capture

Krunal on Launched
very well captured

MARIANA on Launched
great timing :)

Marie-Jezaria on Launched
Great timing for an enyoying moment ! :-) Well seen, well catched !

Sriraam Kalingarayar on Red on brown
very beautiful colours and great contrast

DomLortha on Launched
Timing is right! I like the color of the water. Have a nice day.

PRASHANT on Launched
Nice timing...

JJ on Red on brown
Love how the red leaf leaps out for attention in this

JJ on Pattern
Such cool tones a neat abstract shot

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